Apple Products Download Instructions

If you want to download one of our MP3 files to an iPhone or iPad:

Apple products use a proprietary operating system that prevents downloading third party MP3 files. To download to an iPhone or iPad, you will need to download your file(s) using a computer, then transfer your downloaded file(s) to iTunes. Once you have your file(s) in iTunes, sync your mobile device to iTunes to transfer your file(s) using standard syncing/transferring practices. For more information, visit or visit your mobile device’s website.

If you don’t have a computer or don’t want to use that process, you can check the Internet or Apple Store for a download helper App that will allow you to download from a third party source, such as our online Store. There are many available. You can choose the one that works best for you.

For instance, there is an app at the App Store called "Documents." It lets you download most file types, including mp3 files from the Internet to your Apple mobile device, and then play them without using iTunes.

To use, download the app and read the "Documents Guide" that's located on its "Documents" home screen. The process is quite simple. We were able to get one of our downloads working from our Store in a matter of minutes.

Once downloaded to your Apple device, you can play it from your device using the Documents app itself or transfer it to iTunes for play there. It works very well. While it may take a little time to learn, the benefits are well worth it as you can download most file types without being constrained by Apple.

Here is a web page that talks you through the process (scroll to the lower portion of the page):

We encourage you to implement this option and become familiar with the "Documents" app. It will give you the flexibility to download and use most files from the Internet without too much trouble. It will also let you download and use any of our MP3 files (or anyone else's).

If you are uncomfortable with finding and using helper Apps, you might need to have a family member, friend, or Apple technician help you. Because this is an Apple problem, there isn't much we can do on our side.