Guided Journey #1 - Sound Effects Only

Guided Journey #1 - Sound Effects Only

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Guided Journey #1 - SFX Only

Travel along on this sound effects only imaginary journey through some of nature's most tranquil locations.

When I (Jim Folk) was looking for relaxation tools, many I found were inappropriate. They were either too up tempo or had loud sounds that would startle me just as I was beginning to relax.

This Relaxation audio download was specifically developed for deep relaxation. It was designed to relax and interest the listener while the body calms down. I used this relaxation audio soundscape when I started my recovery. It helped me immensely. You might enjoy it, too.

The sounds and environments you'll hear include:

  • A peaceful afternoon in the country, on the side of a hill looking down on a beautiful meadow.
  • A lush forest with a nearby river.
  • Beside the bank of a gentle forest river.
  • Sitting on a warm sandy beach beside a clear water cove.
  • Gentle waves rolling onto a white sandy beach.
  • Smell the fresh summer rain in a peaceful rain forest.
  • Lounging on a quiet evening with the sounds of crickets and frogs in a nearby marsh.

This relaxation MP3 resource has a runtime of approximately 22 minutes. The perfect length for a deep relaxation experience.

You can listen to a 1 minute 16 second preview of this relaxation audio track here: